Okwuí Mask Scheme & Women’s Right Watch International

We have been honoured to be invited and therefore support the Okwuí Mask Scheme who stood with the Women’s Right Watch International for our extraordinary charity ball and award ceremony as they recognised men and organisations who work tirelessly to ensure the empowerment of women globally.

Okwuí Mask Scheme is a UK based charity working by supporting individuals affected by gender-based violence across the globe.

Please do support them: http://www.okwuimaskscheme.com






MYA Liverpool

MYA stands for Merseyside Youth Association and is based on Hanover Street in Liverpool City Centre.

Merseyside Youth Association is underpinned by a set of values and principles, which are shared within the organisation. Therefore MYA strives to be:

  • Young person centred – a place where young people are valued and respected
  • Inclusive and accessible
  • Responsive and supportive
  • Friendly and non-judgemental
  • Developmental, challenging and rewarding

MYA aims to promote equality and diversity in all aspects of its work.

You can have a look at their website if you want to make  difference: http://www.mya.org.uk

We were very happy to help this month!

Heidi and Aida - For MYA Liverpool